December 2004



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— poetic @ 3:24 pm

Yiha! Got confirmation mail that these boosters hvae been shipped to me, airborne. :-) Can’t wait!

Name Code Qty Each Options
(H) Best 5-HTP, Doctor’s DRB-00077 4 10.00
Best, 100 mg., 60 Caps
Rhodiola Rosea 500, J-14070 1 18.00
Jarrow Formulas, 500 mg,
60 Caps
Omnium, Solgar, 60 SO-02066 4 21.63
Ginkgo Biloba, Jarrow, J-08008 1 22.00
120 mg, ( 2 times 120 )
240 Caps.

Sympathy for Mister Vengance

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— poetic @ 12:39 am

Someone should have warned me! This was not a “feel good” movie. Everyone dies, slowly and detailed. It might have been a good movie, so they say at least, but I’m not sure that I do not regret seeing it. Time will tell.

Actually, I’d expected a good action movie, with some intrigue and physical coreographed sword fights. I was wrong.

Inspiration can come from anywhere though. In the middle of the film, before I’ve began feel entirely bad, I felt inspiration to live a more responsible and serious life. I longed for taking more care of relationships, of friends, family, colleagues, myself and I reminded myself of recent times and moods when I’ve failed doing this. I think this mood, where certain things feel so much more important, is called forth by the experience of the fragility of life, or by death alone.

Death alters your priorities.

Wish me sleep now, please!