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— poetic @ 9:25 am

Seen many good movies lately, should mention them here too…

Heaven, with Cate Blanchett
Beautiful and dramatic love story. *Everything* in this movie is visually beautiful, except for a few of the bad guys.

Amores Perros
I don’t feel the need to say anything about it. I really liked it.

Thirteen Days
Well-made, very exciting. It felt good to pick up a few facts(?) about the Cuba crisis that I missed in school. The guy at the video rental’s comment: Lucky it wasn’t Bush back then!

Harry Potter, The Prizoner of Askaban

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— poetic @ 9:17 am

Saw the movie it yesterday. It was great. Beautiful. Impressingly well-crafted, and well-played archetypal charactarers. Good story. Emotional.

An example of the ever-ongoing approximation between man and hir fantasy.