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Mac OS X

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— poetic @ 1:58 pm

Been quiet for a while. A few Mac OS X utilities I’ve found:
* WCalc – Nice, plain calculator, no RPN though
* SearchGoogle.service – Select text, Shift-Command-G
* X11 beta 2
* Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client – Full screen!
* Logitechs software for my MX 300 mouse. I can recommend it. Double resolution works and the application switcher is great, esp. with LiteSwitchX.
* MPlayerOSX – Wow! Now, if I only could uninstall QuickTime.


Idea: Bluetooth phones as proximity keys

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— poetic @ 1:37 pm

* Electromagnetic lock
* Bluetooth USB dongle
* Computer
* Duct tape
Daytime access solution for your office!


Idea: Protocol with channels

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— poetic @ 9:05 am

Scope: Implementing protocol framework for client-server communication.

Idea: It’d be great to have different reply channels that you can subscribe to as a client: query answers, status codes, messages to an ordinary user, messages to an administrator, debugging messages to the programmer.

The server framework should have some object with different pipes to put these messages in. Putting messages into a channel should be enclosed with an inline if so as to not waste time if the channel is inactive.

Marketers sed: s/No/Transparent/g;

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— poetic @ 8:40 am

Apple’s Developer Doumentation:

The Address Book framework provides transparent record locking. If two applications try to change the same record simultaneously, the application that tried to change it last will succeed. The database will not be corrupted.

G++ bug

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— poetic @ 8:34 am

I found a bug in G++ the other day, or so I thought. Therefore I submitted a bug report. But, have you seen this before?

class A;
A x;
x.template f();


C++ Questions

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— poetic @ 8:29 am

This short read may be helpful to fill some gaps.

Do you know how to write prefix and postfix increment operators as class members?


Mac OS X

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— poetic @ 5:56 am

The feeling is back. I remember what I like with Mac OS X. This time I will try to document more of my installation and proceedings in this blog. Stay tuned.

A question: Why not make the computing experience as nice as possible?

  • Removed all files and directories named Explorer-something from the hard-drive
  • Camino 0.6 – The Mozilla based browser, changed name from Chimera.
  • RubyCocoa 0.4.0 – I love Ruby. OS X comes with it but weird enough, sans Cocoa…
  • 3/5/2003


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    — poetic @ 2:36 pm

    I’m whole again. My new Powerbook [Maktbok] arrived today. Also, exercise, only a little coffe, no sugar, no alcohol, no drugs. Going well so far.



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    Haven’t checked it out yet, but it sounds interresting: