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Scorpion’s wrath

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Within my body. Motivation: nil. Drive: 100. Headed for destruction. The world of confusion, ridiculously small, ugly, worthless. I despise your undertakings as the joke they are. For tonight, I’ll kill it, I’ll hush it asleep. But I pray I’ll remember. I pray for my courage. I pray I’ll die rather than share your bondage. You are so small and this world will end. Can’t you see it? This night of the blind. Light it is, light indeed. For now I will hail the dark!

Come to me in my dreams. Fill me with power of darkness and freedom.



fetish crashin’

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— poetic @ 1:41 pm

I’ve read more of snowcrash!

Linguistic viruses in ancient Sumeria that are instructions for civilization. Curiously they are called me, just as in me-me.
The me evolve by natural selection of their hosts. Not all the principles of memetic evolution described in Blackmore’s book are here, but Snow Crash came eight years before it.

Babel is the salvation of mankind since it makes us less receptive of malignant viruses. Might it be so that the events of Biblical myth opens easier to interpretation when seen as processes rather than real events? Then the story of Babel and an evolutionary drive to partition the (geno|memo)type into species and languages fits well together, as if they are describing the same thing. This drive would increase the replicator’s resilience by setting up borders that are hard for viral replicators to cross.

Or as Snow Crash has it: Babel came from a linguistic virus programmed in the monosyllable Sumerian language by someone called Enki who really knew how to code. That’s way cool! I wan’t to be like this guy!

Then there is the metavirus which opens up for viruses. This would be the fruit of knowledge. And Clarke’s monolith in 2001. What is it in evolutionary terms? Stephenson has it that it’s either evolved here on Earth or that it spreads itself interstellarily.

And lastly, thanks my dear friends, sisters and brothers for this friday! You made my Scorpio come alive. I’m inspired. I’ve a feeling that I was being rude to some of you, but I wan’t you to know that I love you all. I hope we all will be together soon again!
[Aaa IT290 C]



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— poetic @ 5:09 pm

I’ve been looking at Socket++. I plan to give it a try.

Moto Language

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— poetic @ 2:22 pm

Found Moto a server-side web scripting language. What’s special? It can compile a dynamic site into one apache module!


snow crash

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— poetic @ 6:28 pm

I’m reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I take it you already know about it, otherwise you should check it out.

new life

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— poetic @ 6:25 pm

Welcome to my new life that I intend to share with you. It’s ingredients?

Powerbook G4
Unfortunately stolen a few days ago! I really hope that I will get a new one from the insurance. I loved it and I miss it. It’s a great computer.
A brave new world!
I just love those happy faces!
Really as nice as everyone says.
Movable type
Very good system indeed! I have yet to find a single glitch in it…

system initialized

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— poetic @ 5:52 pm

Movable type is now installed and working.