Religious label

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I am a believing agnostic.


Post-spinal headache

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I’ve been ill, postspinal headache, one week in bed so far, still counting…

To waste my time I decided to enhance my platform ™. I just purchased Salling Clicker. The integration between iTunes and my Sony-Ericsson T610 seems to be nearly perfect.

iTunes is now playing Baxter the phone tells me…

And yes, you guessed it, this WordPress thing is also just to waste my time.

Major upgrade

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It’s been a while. Actually, I don’t feel the same as when I was writing in my last blog, about a year ago.

What’s happened?

I’ve broke up with my girlfriend. Sad, but I believe it’s best this way.

It feels like I’ve learnt a lot. I’m more of the person I want to be. I work more like I want to work. You can call me Isak 2.0 if you wish…

Feature list:
* Not responding to stress
* Much less fixed ideas about given limits (in himself and others)
* More constructive
* More positive
* Less controlling
* More comfortable
* Less judging
* Better discrimination between your feelings and my feelings
* Cheaper (less alcohol consumption)
* More methodical
* Less aggressive

Aurorix is a great medicine, it have helped me a lot in this upgrade process and, of course, without family, friends, magic and dancing, I’d be nothing…


Mystics dream

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— poetic @ 5:57 pm

Instead of working, which I should, I just wanted to tell the world: Loreena McKennit’s song, A Mystics Dream, is the best song in the world. Now you know. Back to work!


Bakfull + Teknomystik

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— poetic @ 6:19 pm

Träffade Snoricio, Snorina, Snoron, Snorlene och Snorben igår. Spelade biljard. Azalee (Lovecraft?) – bra ställe! Man ringer på en klocka för att komma in. Hade jättetrevligt! Jag fånlog konstant, Jag har svårt att sluta dricka när jag väl har börjat. Petri Club med Ruben. Enda som var öppet. 400 kr fattigare och svårt lidande idag. Vad ska man göra? Skratta åt det. B-vitamin och Pripps Energy ordineras.

Jag tror på skönhet, det digitala och sex på alla plan, på alla nivåer.

Finns det analoga? Zoomar man in till partikelnivå verkar allt vara digitalt. Kan ett sant analogt fenomen uppstå ur enbart digitala delar? Eller är vår verklighet som digitalt ljud: så högupplöst att medvetandet uppfattar det som kontinuerligt?

Digitalt – Analogt
Diskret – Kontinuerligt
Manligt – Kvinnligt
1 – 0
Vitt – Svart

Språk och DNA är digitala. Där en analog värld har uppstått ur det digitala sker en evolution som ordnar det analoga i digitala element – en digital värd uppstår ur den analoga. Livets träd.

Ockultisterna har det kvinnliga ytterst. Alltså finns det analoga utom, bortom, inuti, innan, kring det digitala.

Lyssnar på Noosphere. Bra trans.



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— poetic @ 7:44 pm

Sitting here at my computer. The last few days has been insanely intense. Much has happened. Stockholm was good. My friend and I drank copious amounts. He put a lit cigarette into his nose. That’s weird. The guards didn’t like it when he wanted to rest on the floor. Everyone else were kind, nice and beautiful.

The interlaced work was inspiring. All my prejudices were true. That’s fun.

I like it when all that happens feels interresting. Every act is our modern myth. Without opinions, it just happens.

The literary evening was warming. Silly thing though, I couldn’t sleep afterwards. My train departs at five in the morning.

My longing became too strong. First plane this morning to warm embrace. She’s asleep now. I like it.

Tonight? I don’t know.


Scorpion’s wrath

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— poetic @ 10:49 pm

Within my body. Motivation: nil. Drive: 100. Headed for destruction. The world of confusion, ridiculously small, ugly, worthless. I despise your undertakings as the joke they are. For tonight, I’ll kill it, I’ll hush it asleep. But I pray I’ll remember. I pray for my courage. I pray I’ll die rather than share your bondage. You are so small and this world will end. Can’t you see it? This night of the blind. Light it is, light indeed. For now I will hail the dark!

Come to me in my dreams. Fill me with power of darkness and freedom.



new life

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— poetic @ 6:25 pm

Welcome to my new life that I intend to share with you. It’s ingredients?

Powerbook G4
Unfortunately stolen a few days ago! I really hope that I will get a new one from the insurance. I loved it and I miss it. It’s a great computer.
A brave new world!
I just love those happy faces!
Really as nice as everyone says.
Movable type
Very good system indeed! I have yet to find a single glitch in it…