Camino Shortcomings and Impressions


Camino Shortcomings and Impressions

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Following Alex King’s suggestion, I’m now evaluating a recent nightly build of Camino (2004.09.05.08). As a Safari user, these are my reflections:

On the Macbook Pro I just replaced the screen on, (I found a great deal on a replacement if you are interested) Camino feels faster than Safari.

I agree with Alex that it looks cluttered to have both the close buttons and web page icons on the same side of each tab. Close button to the left is consistent with the Mac OS X interface, but why not move the web page icons to the right? And why display a default Camino icon at all on tabs with pages without an icon?

Command-Enter in the address and search fields does not open a new tab.

When I open many tabs in the background (e.g. when scanning my Feed on Feeds daily), as soon as the focused window is full, each new Command-Click opens the linked page a new window. I can understand that there is a limit on the maximum number of tabs per window, and that you have to bring up a new window sometime, but subsequent background opens should use tabs in this new window until it is full, and only then open a new window, and so on.

Command-T is ignored when the focused window is full. I think it should bring up a new window, in front of the current one and focus on the new window.

Command-Option-Arrows are used to cycle through tabs. In Safari it is Shift-Command-Arrows. Consistent function keys is one of the areas where Macs shine over Windows and Linux environments, so I think this is an important issue to maintain. I’ve not discovered any conventions regarding modified Command keys, but Finder and Safari has navigational Shift-Command-key combinations. On the other hand, Finder use Shift-Command for actions too (like Shift-Command-N for New Folder), otherwise it would have been nice to have alternative actions on Option-Command and alternative navigation on Shift-Command. The reverse would be even better, Option-Command is easier to type (on my keyboard…) and I use navigation more than actions. Is there an agreed convention on this somewhere? In some NextStep document perhaps?

If I open a page in a new tab in the background and the server is not found, the address field for the new tab is empty, so I can not press reload to try again. Instead I have to close the new tab, go back to where I found the link and Command-Click on it again. This is tedious, especially repeated, but the worst thing is that it does not work at all if I’ve forgot which link it was that I wanted. And yes, that happens. I often keep 20-40 pages open at the same time.

I had a few pages open on the same time today (about 20). Camino became a real memory hog. It used up 1.4G RAM and swap. I had a load average consistently over 2.0. The simplest operations took minutes since the system responsiveness sucked. Closing windows or tabs didn’t free up the memory. Quit worked though.

Textareas do not have the same keybindings as other Mac OS X programs. At least not Control-A/E for beginning/end of line.

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